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Faro Mine: Location

Basic Map of Yukon

The Faro Mine Complex is located in south-central Yukon. It is 22 km north of the town of Faro and almost 350 km northeast of the City of Whitehorse. From Whitehorse, the mine is a 30-minute charter flight or a four-hour drive away. The mine complex is located in the traditional territory of the Kaska Nation and upstream from the traditional territory of the Selkirk First Nation.



The Town of Faro was established in 1969 to service the newly opened mine. It is now home to almost 400 people, and is developing as a tourism, arts and retirement community.

Ross RiverRoss River

The community of Ross River is located 65km east of the mine complex and is home to the Ross River Dena, members of the Kaska Nation. With a population of almost 340 people, Ross River continues to represent a community rich in Kaska culture and tradition.

Faro Mine AreaPelly Crossing

The community of Pelly Crossing, home to the Selkirk First Nation, lies on the banks of the Pelly River. Rose Creek, the watercourse that flows through the mine complex is a tributary of the Pelly River.

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Faro Mine Location